We Keep Your Website Safe From Hackers

Let us worry about keeping your website hacker free. We deal with all the security concerns so you don't have to
Don't let your website get hacked

Website Security Stack

We give website owners piece of mind

Your Users

SSL Encryption

All sites are protected by strong SSL encryption. SSL encryption allows sensitive data such as passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers, and more to be transmitted securely. Plus, your visitors will see the green lock in in the browser bar letting them know that they are secure while browsing your site
Green lock in the browser bar

Virus Scanner

All uploaded files are scanned for viruses. The last thing you want is to host files that contain viruses on your website. So, every single file is scanned before being stored on your site. Plus, we update virus definitions every few minutes to make sure you get the latest protection

Blacklist Scanner

Those who have abused the system or have a history of abuse are blocked before they even get to your site. These blocks happen system wide so that if someone tries to hack one site, they are blocked for all sites across our network.

Web Application Firewall

We scan all connections for all sorts of malicious activity like SQL injections, code injections, bad login attempts, suspicious activity and more. We even catch things like brute force login attempts. Plus, we are continually updating our rules to catch the latest exploits.
Protects Against:
  • SQL injections
  • Code injections
  • Bad login attempts
  • Brute force login attacks
  • Bad user agent
  • Config file access
  • Worms and exploits
  • DOS attacks
  • Encoded file injection
  • Bad search engine bots
  • Deep path recursion exploits
  • Vulnerable plugin attacks
  • XSS Cross site scripting attacks
  • Email abuse attacks
  • Many More...

Your Website

Websites are backed up nightly

Nightly Website Backups

No need to worry about backing up your website. We backup all websites nightly and keep them for at least 30 days. Backups are point in time snapshots, they're fast, and won't interrupt your site at all

Hacker Insurance

Simply put: If your site gets hacked for any reason, we'll plug the security hole and restore your site to the latest good backup at no additional cost
Ray Perea
CEO, Constalink Software, LLC