Privacy Policy

About This Policy
Throughout this policy any reference to the first person ("I, me, we, our, ours, us") shall refer to Constalink Software, LLC. Any reference to the second person ("you, your, yours") shall refer to the client.

Here at Constalink, we take all the precautions to ensure that your personal information is safe and only used as stated in this policy. We take privacy and security very seriously and as such, we will protect any personal information and data you give to us in order to maintain your trust and satisfaction. This policy provides you ("The Client") with information on our practices and all the precautions we take to keep your personal identifying information private.

This policy is an extension of the Terms of Use Policy and all statements here are incorporated and therefore governed by it. As with all our policies, we reserve the right to modify this policy at our sole discretion in order to protect the interests of our customers as well as ourselves and our business associates.
Privacy Concerns
As one of our clients, you are entitled to know our procedures and practices when it comes to your personal identifying information. Here we list some basic concerns about privacy and security and how we go about handling those concerns.
  • Will my personal information ever be sold or given to 3rd parties? – No. We do not and will not ever solicit or give your personal identifying information to 3rd parties. There are some situations (See – Disclosure of Your Information below) where some of your information is given out, however, we put strict guidelines on how that information is handled.
  • What do you do with the information I give? – Our primary use for the information you give us is meant to give you a personalized, efficient online experience. This allows us to deliver customized services and preferences while on our site so that your transactions go quicker and smoother. We also use the information you give us to deliver notifications, advertisements, and other materials of which you may request or reject. Other uses include billing purposes, technician communication, and investigations. There may also be other situations which are unforeseeable in which we may need to use the information given us, however, the fact is – we will never sell or give your personal identifying information for profit or marketing purposes.
  • How secure is my information? – We take security very seriously. Every time you visit our site or use our software, your information is always encrypted before it is sent over the internet using strong SSL encryption. We also take every precaution to protect that information as we understand the sensitivity of such information. When you pay online, we never store your credit card information. And since we don't know your card or account numbers, they can't be stolen from us or hacked. The only thing we store is a unique security key with allows you to easily make payments. This security key can only be used to make payments from our system and can't be used for purchases anywhere else. All that being said, 100% security does not exist on the internet, however, we make every effort to get there.
  • What do I do if I believe my account has been compromised? – We recommend that you revoke access to all unknown devices as soon as possible, change any relevant passwords, and check your software and website control panel for unfamiliar transactions or configurations. If you find any, please notify us as soon as possible so that we can attempt to correct any wrong doings and restore your data to a previous known good state. Be careful though. If your computer or device has been hacked, or has a virus, it is possible for your account to be compromised again. Bottom line, you must be able to trust the devices that you use to access your software or control panel. This means that it is your responsibility to make sure the devices you use stay virus and hacker free.

    NOTE: We cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to your account or data due to someone else accessing your software, gaining unauthorized access to your account, or otherwise obtaining your security key and gaining unauthorized use. It is entirely your responsibility to protect your account and make sure that only authorized and trusted devices can access your account. Although we will make every attempt to correct any wrong doings there may be unforeseen circumstances in which we cannot recover. Another option is to have us restore your data from backup. Although we do keep daily backups of our servers, these backups are used primarily for server hardware failures. Performing a restoration from these backups, if the data is available, may not contain the most up to date data
  • Are there any other security issues? – Yes, when you enter credit card or other sensitive information, that info is encrypted (SSL) before it is sent as to keep anyone from intercepting and reading that information. However, when you enter this information into your browser, your computer may (if you have Auto-Complete turned on) remember this information and it is very easy for someone to steal that information right off your computer if they can get access to it. So unless you are the only one on your computer, we recommend that you turn off Auto-Complete for Forms before you enter your credit card information. And in fact, we recommend never entering your credit card information from any untrusted computer.
Info We Collect
There are many ways in which we collect different kinds of information. Although we will try to cover all our practices and procedures, there may be situations where we will obtain information in ways we cannot foresee depending on the situation at hand.
  • Cookies and IP Addresses – We do record your IP Address in certain situations in order to protect the interests of all parties involved. We also use cookies to store information about you or your environment. While most of the information we store comes from registration procedures, cookies may be used to provide services to non-clients. For instance, we may use cookies to see if a customer has been to our web site before. If they have, we can give them a conspicuous link to follow us.
  • Personal Information – In order to use any of our services or products, you must register or follow proper procedures to access that product or service. The registration process or procedure may require that you provide us with your contact information in addition to other personal identifying information. You may also need to provide credit card information (SSL Encrypted.) All data is stored in a secure database with the exception of credit card information. Your credit card information is never stored under any circumstances in order to prevent hackers from stealing it.
  • Making Account Record Changes, Service Changes, or Account Configuration Changes – When this type of activity happens, a log is kept and stored in a secure database so that we can track the habits of our users. We use this information to improve our services and/or the overall experience to our customers.
Information Disclosure
We do not disclose any of your personal identifying for marketing purposes be it for profit or not under any circumstances. However, there may be situations where we will disclose your information in order to protect interests. One such situation may be to disclose your information to law enforcement officials in the event of an investigation, fraud, infringement, illegal activity, or other such prohibited events. You, as our client, give us the right without limitation to disclose your information and agree to give your full cooperation in such an event. Another possible situation may be if we receive information about you regarding your activities on this site or as a result of using any of our products or services. As expected, we will treat that information in the same manner as if it was received directly from you and we will follow the same principals of this policy regarding such information.

Inadvertent Disclosure – As stated above, nothing is 100% secure on the Internet. And although we follow the highest level of security practices and take every precaution to ensure the security of your information, there may be a time when that information is inadvertently disclosed. One such case would be if the system gets a virus, or some other bug is found in the system. If such an event happens, or you believe has happened for whatever reason, you must contact us immediately to notify us of the problem. Your best bet is to have us fix the problem as soon as possible.