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A field is a piece of information that can hold various types of data like text, numbers, locations, dollar amounts and more. An application can have 1 or more fields depending on what you are managing.

For example: A task management app may have 4 fields…

  • Task
  • Complete
  • Priority
  • Due Date

Simply think about what it is that you want to manage and what types of fields your app may need. If you need to manage inventory, you may have a “Count” field, a “Product” field, and perhaps a “Location” field. Each app is different and can have several different types of fields. Also, those fields can be linked in different ways which, when all put together, will determine your final price.

To give you another way to look at it, you can think of an app kind of like a spreadsheet that can hold columns (or fields) and rows (or records). A field is like a column in that spreadsheet. And like a spreadsheet, you can have many records. You don’t pay for the number of records you have, just the number of fields (or columns) in your app.

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