Billing Policy

About This Policy
Throughout this policy any reference to the first person (“I, me, we, our, ours, us”) shall refer to Constalink. Any reference to the second person (“you, your, yours”) shall refer to the client.

The purpose of this policy is to provide our clients with a set of guidelines and schedules related to payment for services and other items provided by us.

This policy contains rules, guidelines, and schedules that govern how payments are calculated, collected, posted, processed, refunded and/or credited. Your compliance with this policy and all rules, guidelines, and schedules contained herein is a prerequisite for the use of our software, our website, and any services and/or products we provide in which payment is required. Your continued use of such services and/or items constitutes your agreement to these terms in whole as well as your acceptance of any penalties and/or fees that may arise due to the failure to comply with these terms.

Policy Changes
We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time and without any advance notice as to protect the interests of our company, our clients or their end customers, our partners, our resellers, our distributors, or our affiliates. All changes to this policy will be posted on this web site and shall become effective on the day of the posting. Clients who do not agree to the changes made to this policy shall have a grace period of not more than 10 days to cancel their services or product licenses with us before having to comply with those changes. Any use of our products or services beyond the 10 day grace period constitutes your agreement to any changes or additions made to this policy.
Price Changes
We reserve the right to make changes to any of our prices for any items or services we provide at any time as to meet the ever changing demands of the economy. Upon a price change we will give 30 days advance notice to those customers affected by the price change via email notification as well as messages posted on our web site. Your continued use of provided services and/or items beyond the 30 day grace period constitutes your agreement in whole to these price changes as well as your agreement to allow us to charge your account in accordance with the new pricing. Pricing changes will always be applied to the next billing cycle following the 30 day advance notice.
Payment Options
Upon signup, all customers may wish to provide credit card information as a primary method of payment but this is not required. We do also accept business checks as well as payments by PayPal as payment for applicable fees and items we sell online.

To setup payment by check, you must first request it. We will setup a new payment method in our system where you will be able to upload an image of a voided check. You can then simply pay by check same as payment by card. You simply have to select the “check” payment method when you pay. When you pay via check, you are authorizing us to draft against your checking account immediately. You also agree to pay a $45 NSF fee if the check is returned unpaid.

To pay via PayPal, simply request it and we will send you a link that you can use to pay via PayPal anytime you need to make a payment. Any time we bill your account or a purchase is made, you will receive an invoice via email. As of Feb, 2010, we no longer keep track of account credit for users. If you send payment, please make sure and send the invoice numbers of the invoices you wish to pay. We will no longer credit your account with arbitrary checks. Each check must accompany 1 or more invoices and must not exceed the total amount of the invoice(s) being paid.

Account Credit
We no longer accept payment toward account credit. Also, we no longer keep track of account credit.
Billing Schedule
All recurring billing items will have a set date for when billing starts. On the billing start date the first billing will occur. Billing will continue on the set schedule until the service or software is cancelled by the user or the account is removed due to nonpayment. In the event that billing fails, the user will have no more than 15 days to remedy the problem before the item or licensing is disabled and all data is deleted. Also, in the even that billing fails, your data will immediately be locked in a “read only” state and cannot be updated until payment is received. If a product or service is disabled and removed, any data contained therein may not be accessible except by means of repayment and reactivation of the product license or item. By using any of our products or services you agree to release us from all liability due to any data loss if your product becomes disabled for any reason.
Fees for software, services, or items we provide are non-refundable unless otherwise put stated in writing. In the event that a refund is issued, we will simply issue a credit to the credit card used for the purchase. If a credit card was not used for the purchase, we will send a check to the billing address on the account within 10 business days.
Additional Fees
We reserve the right to collect any additional fees due to non-payment, or the violation of any posted policies via any means necessary including but not limited to charging your credit card on file or drafting against your checking account for such fees. We also reserve the right to determine at our sole discretion the amount of such fees as to recover any losses due to any damages, liabilities, disputes, or other events resulting in losses to us, our clients or their end users, our partners, our subsidiaries, our resellers, our distributors, or our affiliates, which are directly or indirectly related to your actions on this site or by use of our software, provided products, or services in whole or in part and without limitation.

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