Simple Yet Powerful Interface

The beautiful 3 pane, clutter free interface makes it simple to use for beginners, yet powerful enough for advanced users. Natural language searching, drag and drop, group operations, and quick editing make it easy to find, add, edit, and delete any type of data.
The features you see here aren’t the only ones. There are literally hundreds of features… all intelligently designed… all strategically placed, to put power and simplicity at your fingertips.

Smart Search

Introducing natural language search at its best. Easily find the records you are looking for simply by typing. The search bar is smart enough to recognize what you are looking for. You can type things like: “Today” or “1st Quarter” or even the name of an area on a map like “Austin TX” to find all records that have a geo location inside Austin.

Search History

We store your most recent searches for easy retrieval at any time. Have you ever needed to go back and perform old searches but couldn’t remember what you searched for? Now, re-performing previous searches is only a single click away.

Date Searching

One of the most common searches that users perform is the date search. For some reason, users just like knowing what’s going on during a given day. And while you can simply type a date in the search box, we’ve made it easy to do a date search with a single click as well.

Login Without A Password

History has proven that there are too many issues with passwords, and as a result, we’ve decided to do away with em.. once and for all. We don’t need passwords, I’m telling you… There’s a better way. No more forgetting your password or worrying about who may have it. What about security you say? No worries, we use the best secure key encryption available.

Multiple Tabs In A Single Interface

Switching between tasks is now as easy as switching tabs. Imagine looking over your products when suddenly, a client calls to get a total on an invoice. Simply switch to the “Invoices” tab, get the info they want, then pick up right where you left off as soon as you hang up the phone. An interruption no longer has to interrupt your work flow.

Organizational Folders And Sharing

Folders is a well known, old concept…. or is it?
Our folders not only allow you to organize records, but also to share them with your co-workers. But unlike traditional folders where an admin controls access, each user creates and controls access to their own folders giving you a robust, distributed, and social solution.

Group Operations

We absolutely hate repetitive work…
And chances are… you hate it too. That’s why we put a ton of work into getting rid of those pesky repetitive tasks. Anything that you can do to a single record… you can do to multiple records as well. So for sanity’s sake… let the computer do all the work for you.

Let there be light… and let it be colorful.

Experience a powerful new way to organize and categorize all your records. Simply set a color for any record and easily sort and filter records based on color. Not enough you say… OK.. How about the ability to share and set permissions based on record color as well. Need to give “Jane” the ability to only see Green records? No problem.

Multi-Column Sorting Made Easy

Sorting is no longer an on / off operation. Now, you can sort by not just one, but many columns for ever finer control of the order in which records are displayed. And it’s as easy as clicking on the columns you want to sort by.

Collapsible Panes

Maximize your workspace with a single click. Now, you are free to show more columns and get the most out of your precious screen real estate. What’s more is that when a pane is collapsed, simply hover over it and it expands into site so that you can work inside it… leave the pane, and it collapses back out of the way.

Your Logo and Your Colors

Brand your software with your logo and your color scheme. We have several ready to use color schemes available for you to choose from. And if we don’t have your color scheme… we’ll make you one that fits in perfectly with your company’s brand.

Sharing Folders is Easy

Ever needed to give a co-worker access to your data, and had to call a technician to grant permissions? Those days are now long gone because we have made sharing and permissions easy. And because managing permissions is just like managing any other record, there’s no learning curve.

Enterprise Level Permissions Made Easy

Granting permissions is as easy as choosing a group and a permission. You can even have custom permissions for your app that go beyond the normal view, add, edit, and delete permissions.

Permissions With Conditions

Conditions are a powerful feature that allow you to grant permissions… but with some conditions attached. Let’s say you want to give “Marketing” the ability to edit records… but only those that are green, or only those that they created, or only those that start with the letter “M”. No problem… and no complex interface either.

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